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We accept contemporary submissions within the ambit of corporate and allied commercial laws.

  • Submissions shall be the original work of the contributor and should not have been published or sent for publication elsewhere.

  • Co-authorship is permitted for up to 2 authors.

  • Citations shall be added by hyperlinking the original source in the article. Additionally, authors may sparingly use footnotes in OSCOLA style.  Further, if the author relies on a specific part of a document to support an argument, pinpoint citations shall be included.

  • Authors are advised to keep their articles concise and precise to enhance the effectiveness of their posts. The word limit should ideally range from 1300 – 1500 words (excluding footnotes).

  • Authors are encouraged to refer to this suggested article template for a better understanding of what we expect. This template serves as a valuable guide for contributors to align their submissions with our publication standards.

  • Submissions should not contain advertising or marketing material. Posts summarising (and possibly linking to) alert memos and similar current awareness pieces prepared by law firms and other service providers will not be considered for publication.

  • Submissions should not contain any offensive, abusive, derogatory, or potentially defamatory content.

  • A mere summarisation of consultation papers, guidelines, circulars, regulations or notifications released by RBI, IBBI, MCA or judgements/orders of the  Courts/Tribunals etc. shall be deemed inadequate for publication. 

  • The Blog emphasises and pushes forward materials that not only recognise the legal or economic impact of changes in question but, most importantly, integrate a distinct and innovative analytical component.


Tentative timeline:

  • The Blog employs a structured two-tier review system. The first-tier review involves evaluation of the submission by the student editors of the Blog, ordinarily taking upto four (4) working days.

  • Upon successful completion of the Tier-1 stage, submissions advance to Tier-2 review, overseen by the distinguished Board of Editors comprising of seasoned professionals. Owing to the professional commitments of the Board, the review process may occasionally encounter delays. However, the Tier-2 process will generally conclude within seven (7) to ten (10) days. The authors will be promptly informed of any and all potential delays during this stage.

  • If a submission clears Tier-1 and Tier-2 review, it will undergo Copy Editing. The authors will then be provided with the final reviewed article along with suggestive revisions and comments, compiled from all three stages. The author will be furnished with an estimated two-day window for incorporating the revisions and submission of the revised article. If deemed suitable, publication of the revised submission will be set on the same day.

  • The timeline for the entire process is tentatively around two (2) weeks, excluding official and bank holidays. However, some submissions may necessitate additional time, and any such extensions will be immediately communicated to the author on a case-to-case basis via email.

  • While efforts are made to adhere to the aforementioned timeline, deviations may occur. In such cases, the author will be notified of the same via email, providing them the option to withdraw the article from the consideration of the Blog in case the delay is substantial.

General Guidelines for all Contributors:

Contributor's Undertaking:

In making a submission to the CCL Blog, the contributor:

  • Warrants that the piece is their original work, and that there is no impediment to its publication on the CCL Blog (maximum permissible similarity is 20%);

  • Undertakes that the article is not under consideration for publication on any other platform, like blogs or journals;

  • Consents to the publication of the submitted piece on the CCL Blog;

  • Agrees that the CCL Blog can use and store personal data provided by the author for the purposes of the CCL Blog or for the purposes of cross-posting to any social media handle/newsletter; this includes the author’s name, position, and affiliation;

  • Consents to the editorial changes; and

  • Accepts that the editors have discretion in the choice of the title for the submission.

Publication Policy:

  • All submissions for the CCL Blog by student authors must be uploaded via this Google Form only. Kindly DO NOT send submissions via email.

  • CCL Blog conducts a strict editorial review of submissions received and holds absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission or not (irrespective of the stage of review).

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