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Abstract Background

'#SIMPLIFIED' is an initiative independently handled by the Centre for Corporate Law (CCL) which aims at introducing the latest developments in the legal and business world by highlighting the intersection of 'Business and Law' in a crisp and simple manner.​​



Can Owners be Acquirers?


In this edition of our flagship article series #SIMPLIFIED, we are excited to bring to you on "Can Owners be Acquirers?"

An equity instrument can either give the holder multi-bagger returns or an insolvent company. Keeping these underlying risks in mind, investors bet on a company. You see, even during the liquidation of an insolvent entity, equity shareholders are given the last priority.

What about equity shareholders' position post-CIRP? To protect the interests of retailers, SEBI has recently come up with a consultative framework. SEBI proposes to give public equity shareholders a chance to acquire the new entity post the corporate insolvency resolution process.

#Simplified, being an independent initiative managed by the Centre for Corporate Law (CCL) aims to further a simplified intersection of business and law.

In our food for thought section, we leave our readers with some thought-provoking questions to ponder upon. Do enlighten us with your opinion on our social media handles!

We hope this #SIMPLIFIED article gives our readers a comprehensive insight into the issue. 

White Sheet


​​The envisionment of #Simplified owes origins to LexTech - Centre for Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LexTech). Back then, the endeavour was commenced to promote simplified disbursement of business news. LexTech, then led by Shashvat Prakash (Batch of 2023), executed the first issue of #Simplified. After which, Arshit Kapoor (Batch of 2023) who then led the Centre for Corporate Law (CCL) proposed the collaboration of CCL with LexTech on the #Simplified.


The rationale was to promote the intersection of business and law. The collaboration​​ simplified business updates and connected the business with the law in an uncomplicated manner. In fact, CCL introduced 'infographics' in the #Simplified for further simplification of business updates. 

​After collaborating on four successful editions, CCL is pleased to announce exclusive management of #Simplified. Henceforth, #Simplified would roll out as an independent initiative managed by CCL. Team CCL looks forward to igniting curiosity in the minds of law students with upcoming editions of #Simplified!

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