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'#SIMPLIFIED' is an initiative of Centre for Corporate Law (CCL), in collaboration with Lextech, NLUO, which aims at introducing the latest developments in the legal and business world by highlighting the intersection of 'Business and Law' in a crisp and simple manner.

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Unpacking Videocon's Insolvency Saga

We are extremely excited to release the next edition of our flagship article series #SIMPLIFIED: "Unpacking Videocon's Insolvency Saga". 


You must have heard about the tough times the grand brand Videocon is going through. Bits and pieces of news might have come to your table from numerous sources. Therefore, in a bid to 'simplify' the entire thing, the new #SIMPLIFIED talks about the Videocon insolvency saga. 


However, unlike our previous editions, we have planned something different for this edition. Instead of leaving our audience with a conclusion, we are leaving all of you with food for thought. Would love to hear your views on the questions we leave this article with. 


You may mail your opinions to ccl@nluo.ac.in OR lextech@nluo.ac.in OR initiate the discussion over the comment boxes of our social media handles (preferable).