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The Centre for Corporate Law, as it is called, is an initiative of National Law University Odisha, Cuttack to promote interdisciplinary research in corporate law, and related fields like insolvency laws, securities law, etc. The Centre aims at creating an effective platform of discussion and discourse on latest issues and challenges in corporate law and related areas to come up with logical solutions and create awareness among the law students and the academia about the same.


The CCL Blog is a two tier peer-reviewed blog which aims to further the goal of increasing the quality of knowledge on nuanced areas of corporate law and increase the engagement and discussions on the present-day issues of contention. This would help bolster research within academia while simultaneously providing them with content abreast of updated information and analysis.


The origin of the CCL Blog lies in The Competition Forum (TCF) which was a blog dedicated to the field of Competition Law. TCF was founded by Kartikey  Bhalotia (Former Chief Editor - CCL Blog), and his batchmate, Neelesh Meena and then Arshit Kapoor (Former Chief Editor - CCL Blog) joined them later. TCF was recognised for its ability to maintain the quality of its articles by adopting the 'Three-Tier Review' Process. This review process was first of its kind for a blog. TCF managed to put up three tier review board consisting of various national and international professional in the field of Competition Law. TCF got officially handed over to the Centre for Corporate Law - National University Odisha, for ensuring its continued success. TCF under its new identity as the CCL Blog accepts submissions on all topics allied with corporate law.

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